Transitional Justice

2 credits / 6 weeks weeks
4 Mar 2019 - 12 Apr 2019

Professor Mariateresa Garrido Villareal

During conflict situations one of the most affected institutions is the judiciary. In many cases, investigations and criminal procedures are not initiated; causing problems derived from the inefficiency of tribunals to deliver justice. When conflicts are over these problems tend to increase. For that reason, peacebuilding efforts need to include aspects related to transitional justice. As its name suggests, transitional justice is a provisional measure that seeks to respond to human right violations, expose truth, prosecute perpetrators, repair victims, and most importantly, restore confidence in legal institutions.  In this course students will explore and analyze different legal approaches to achieve intended goals (criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, reparations) and contribute to peacebuilding efforts in post-conflict situations.

Mariateresa Garrido Villareal

Mariateresa Garrido is Teaching Assistant and a Doctoral Student at UPEACE. She holds two Master's Degrees one from UPEACE in International Law and the Settlement of the Disputes and one from the Central University of Venezuela in International Law. Prior to her Master's Degree she had been working in promoting and defending human rights in Venezuela with different organizations such as Transparency International and Espacio Publico. Her principal research area is related to freedom of expression and safety of journalists.

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