New Perspectives on Families and Community Health

2 credits / 6 weeks weeks
14 Sep 2015 - 23 Oct 2015

Professor Sharon Mijares

This course examines family structures from a global systems perspective, illustrating the impact of war, migration while defining the many ways that family structures are re-defining themselves. Healthy birthing practices as well as positive models for feminine and masculine identities are addressed in order to educate in ways that create a healthier foundation for peace. Family health is also impacted by health conditions and drug use. The focus on health examines poverty and its impact on resources such as clean water, nutrition and overall health and also sexual education, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. Drug use, history, abuse and treatment are discussed from an in-depth perspective. Overall, all of these things impact the human family. The course offers students concrete guidance and skills required to work in creating a more sustainable and peaceful world.

Sharon Mijares

Sharon G. Mijares is a licensed Psychologist, trained in family systems, substance abuse and prevention. As a Psychology professor, she has taught in the marriage and family therapist licensing programs, including courses on human sexuality with an emphasis on prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. She also teaches master-level behavioral research courses related to personal, social and organizations issues. Dr. Mijares is the author/editor of five books, including published articles and book chapters in her areas of expertise, including The Root of All Evil: An Exposition of Prejudice, Fundamentalism and Gender Imbalance, co-authored with an Egyptian Muslim woman, an Israeli Jewish woman and a new age American woman. Her sixth book (unpublished) is titled A Force such as the World has Never Known: Women Creating Change. This book includes women from around the planet, working with political and environmental change, nutrition, health, gender balance and other areas of transformation. She also has a Black Belt (Shodan) in the martial art Aikido, a way of harmony through response and movement.

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