World Politics

3 credits / 9 weeks weeks
10 Jun 2019 - 9 Aug 2019

Professor Ross Ryan

This course provides historical context and a theoretical foundation for the study of contemporary world politics. Approaching the topic from the perspective of Peace and Conflict Studies, the course begins by conceptualizing issues of globalization, interdependence, sovereignty, history, and international relations, and considers various cultural and ethical debates related to issues of development, order, security, diversity, and peace. Following a focused and critical consideration of the concept of global governance, the course then moves to a discussion of key international and transnational structures, including regional bodies, the United Nations, and other formal institutions, as well as less formal associations, movements, and other examples of global connectivity. The course ends with students applying the theoretical tools they have developed in the course to specific topics in world politics, such as migration and war.   

Ross Ryan

Instructor, Liason, Media, Peace and Conflict Studies Specialization and Editor, Peace and Conflict Monitor and Peace and Conflict Review Ross Ryan holds degrees in political science and literature from McMaster University, Canada and the M.A. degree in environmental security from the University for Peace, Costa Rica. He is chief editor of the Peace and Conflict Monitor and managing editor of the Peace and Conflict Review, as well as instructor in the department of peace studies and liaison officer of the media, peace and conflict studies specialization. He is currently working on a research project entitled “Information Technology, Civic Engagement, and the Cyber-Ethnography of Peace Movements”.

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